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Medicare clinic was established in 2013 was a long-awaited project that rose from the dedication and drive to provide quality clinical care and better healthcare across The Gambia. We started off as a family through the initiative ideas of our founder, Mrs. Annmary Shallop aided by the late Dr Ulric O. E. jones who saw our vision and believed in us; he gave us strength to persevere through trying times and encouraged Medicare to take bigger steps in the healthcare world. Following our official opening the clinic operated as an out-patient , but quickly expanded into an inpatient hospital providing holistic care to each patient. Our team has expanded vastly from a busy gynaecological clinic to a multidisciplinary team providing a vast majority of specialties and consultants from around the world to meet individualised needs of each patient. We make it our mission to meet the needs of each patient and liaise with other healthcare professionals in the patients best interest. Medicare welcomes all service users across the country and abroad to join our family in building a safer Gambia with better healthcare found locally.

Why choose us

More experience: as each year has gone by, our list of highly specialised experts have grown with the ability to diagnose and treat complex cases Global links: Our clinic offers land ambulance services and liaises with other partners to facilitate timely air evacuation of patients to various destinations outside the Gambia. Getting it right the first time: Taking a detailed history and getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step in a successful treatment. Our team listens to your ideas, expectations and concerns to make the best care plan for you. Seamless care: At Medicare, all aspects of your care is coordinated with an in-house radiology department providing immediate report, laboratory with a rapid turnaround time and an in-house pharmacy. What may take weeks elsewhere, occurs at a much more efficient pace at Medicare. Hygiene: At Medicare, your safety and personal hygiene is essential. Our hospital remains the cleanest across the nation with regular cleaning schedules through the day and night. We offer a variety of private and shared rooms with new equipment to serve the comfort of both patients and their families.

Our Mission

It is our sincere desire to fully meet our patient’s needs; medically and emotionally in a way that uplifts their spirits and improve their physical wellbeing.

Our vision

To be The Gambia’s hospital of choice with 100% patient and staff satisfaction