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Outpatient appointments or emergency presentations may require a longer hospital stay to stabilise patients, investigate further and treat diagnoses in order to make a full recovery. If this is the case, your admitting doctor and the matron will explain your plan and course of treatment to you. You will be admitted to the ward as per your preference and medications started. Our inpatient wards are made up of 41 Beds. We have a dedicated ward doctor who will be in charge of your care and day to day management. We offer private and shared rooms for our patients based on their needs. You will be reviewed by the consultant daily and cared for by nurses who are able to assist with both clinical and non-clinical tasks; such as personal hygiene and mobilising. Various tests and further investigations may be carried out during your stay to aid doctors’ diagnoses and treatment prior to discharge. On discharge, you will be provided with a discharge letter, medications and a possible follow up consultation with your doctor to review your symptoms. We also have a state-of-the-art intensive care unit made up of 5 beds with a medical team led by a consultant. Our rapid response team will provide 1 to 1 care for you during your admission and recovery. Our ICU is fully equipped to manage critically unwell patients that require high level of support as well as manage post-operative patients to enhance their recovery and minimise complications.