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Our obstetrics and gynaecology department has evolved to becomes one of our busiest specialties. With our in-house consultant and multiple midwives, we aim to provide continuity of care and support for all women throughout their pregnancy. Our obstetric department led by a qualified professor and consultant who sees both low and high-risk obstetric cases with regular antenatal care. During your antenatal visits, you will be provided with information on how best to look after yourself and prepare for your baby. You will undergo regular check-ups, blood tests as part of an individualised care package to ensure you are at your healthiest throughout the antenatal period leading up to labour. Our experienced midwives are also happy to talk you through any queries or doubts you may have. We also offer antenatal classes for moms and their birthing partners to educate parents on what to expect. Postnatally, our team will continue to support you with breastfeeding and dietary advice, contraception, as well as baby checks and immunisations. Our gynaecology department caters to both acute cases ranging from fibroids, ovarian cyst management including conservative and surgical care, heavy periods, irregular periods, acute or chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. We also manage multiple chronic cases including cyst monitoring or treatment, diagnosis and management of polycystic ovaries/ syndrome, infertility and pre-conception care, cervical cancer screening and so on. Our in-house laboratory runs multiple tests for fertility and hormone profile with quick results to aid diagnosis and further management of your care. At Medicare, it is our pride to educate and empower our women on their bodies, physiological changes of their meses or pregnancy, sexual health and on other matters of perineal and personal hygiene. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment.