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Dr Rainer Paulino

Paediatric Consultant My name is Rainer Paulino Basulto, I was born in Cuba, in a city in the centre of the country, called Camagüey. I studied in my hometown. From a very young age, I have been passionate about medicine and, within it, the health and well-being of children. I graduated as a Physician, Pediatrician obtaining the highest category in my country of Second Degree Specialist and Associate Professor at the University of Medical Sciences, later I moved to Havana, where I graduated with a Master’s degree in infectology and tropical diseases, in addition to completing a Diploma in pediatric emergency. My research line: Study biochemical markers in CSF patients with acute bacterial meningitis. Dr Rainer Paulino Basulto. Paediatrician. emergency Master in infectious diseases and tropical diseases. Associate Professor.